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poor sperm health and movement?
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It only takes 116 days to produce new healthy sperm in the male reproductive cycle. Discover how The Baby Builders team of fertility experts have helped men, like YOU achieve amazing improvements in their sperm analysis in 7 easy steps… now it’s your turn

Reversing Male Fertility

The Baby Builders Experience For Men

How to prepare your swimmers for the big race

The Scary Reality of Male Infertility
Statistics show that of the 1 in 6 couples having challenges conceiving, 40% of these cases have a male reproductive factor contributing to the issue. That’s a disturbing statistic! Over the past 50 years, research has confirmed a reduction in the average sperm count for males, with some studies producing findings of up to 50%. Think about that for a moment; a 50% reduction. How effective would your car be with 50% less power? How good do you feel with 50% less sleep?
Also in that time, the number of sperm carrying some form of abnormality is 1200% greater with a significant decline in sperm motility or movement. So now your car has 50% less power, and the wheels are all pointing in different directions, or just gone. Any chance you would trust your children to that car, in that condition?
So, what on earth is happening to Male Fertility? The Baby Builders know, and can help you turn it around. Get yourself the right mechanics and before you know it, your car (I mean, your body) will be race tuned, and ready to bring home the trophy, I mean, baby!

Beware of Increasing Miscarriage rates
Research has shown that poor sperm quality could be a major factor in increasing miscarriage rates and developmental problems in babies. Decrease the risks of miscarriage, congenital malformations, premature birth and stillbirth due to excellent quality and quantity of sperm.
Your improved reproductive and sperm health greatly improves your chances of your partner enjoying a happy full term pregnancy, a natural birth and a healthy baby. Put simply, if you want to minimise the chances of miscarriage, or your child living with a disability or deformity, then you need to get your sperm in great shape.

Positive testing to Common Pesticides linked to Low Quality Sperm
Men with high levels of common pesticides in their urine are more than 10 times more likely to have low-quality sperm than men who haven’t been exposed to these chemicals. Herbicides and pesticides may cause female hormone-like effects in the male body and be associated with reduced sperm production and testicular cancer.
Pesticide accumulation in the body can have a substantial effect on a man’s hormonal balance. Learn how to get your detoxifying and elimination systems working optimally to eliminate and flush harmful toxins from your system, improving your sperm health.

Correct Nutritional Deficiencies and Get Pregnant
For fertilization to occur sperm must be strong, viable, plentiful, healthy and mobile. From experience we know that there are specific and strategic natural treatments that can be implemented to increase the health of sperm and therefore maximise your chances of conception.
The Baby Builders: Easy Natural Fertility Solutions for Men, can show you what specific male reproductive vitamins and minerals will turn your sperm production and health around in just 4 months.

Healthy Sperm, Healthy Kids, Healthy Grandkids
As a male, you are half contributor to your baby’s genetic material so supplying the healthiest sperm possible is your highest priority. Subfertility, miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth, malformation, breast-feeding difficulties, disabilities, hyperactivity, learning problems, asthma, eczema, and poor resistance to infection, ARE OFTEN PREVENTABLE.
The Baby Builders can help get your body’s reproductive organs healthy, balanced, and nutrient rich, so you can not only conceive, but your improved health and sperm quality will be a gift passed down to your baby, making parenting easier for you. Four generations will benefit from what you do now. We will help you improve the genetic inheritance of your children’s children’s children!

Is Your Profession Harming your Sperm?
Heavy metal exposure is a common cause of sperm irregularities. Due to many male professions we find that heavy metal accumulation in the body is a common factor causing poor sperm health. Lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium, copper and electromagnetic radiation exposure has been linked to male infertility.
Promoting healthy liver function to safely and effectively accelerate the release of environmental toxins and chemicals from the body is how we can help you.

Men, Stress Less
Did you know that in times of stress, blood is diverted to vital organs and away from the testes? Studies show that testes can be malnourished when they lack blood supply. Not only that but stress in men can also cause lowered testosterone, poor sperm quality and quantity, erectile dysfunction, poor circulation and nutrient malabsorption.
We will show you our Stress Less techniques, foods and nutrients needed for calming stress and feeding sperm the nutrients needed for optimal health.

Underling Health Conditions Getting you Down?
Overweight, bloating, gas, pain or bowel disturbances, heartburn, reflux, high blood pressure or cholesterol, poor digestion and or elimination, hay-fever, fatigue, diabetes, poor sleep, stress…
Improve overall general health, increase energy stamina and immunity and feeling better both physically and mentally by following our 7 steps to better dramatically improved sperm health. You will see and feel the difference.

You change the oil in our car, time to do that for your Body
Junk food, growth hormones found in meat and dairy, alcohol, air pollution, unfiltered water, cigarettes, mobile phones…the list goes on. Fertility experts agree that everyday common toxin exposure can significantly affect the health of your sperm.
You can’t wrap yourself in a bubble, but you can make good decisions about what is going into your body and look at your living and working space to see what environmental toxins you are hanging out with on a daily basis. Discover the hidden materials that can make sperm health decline and safe and effective ways to detoxify them from your body.

The Baby Builders doesn’t forget the Moms
You will see throughout the chapters that we also include information about female reproductive health and information that you can both follow in order to improve your relationship, reduce stress, deal with environmental hazards and both detoxify for a healthier pregnancy.
Your steps include solutions to improve both male and female reproductive systems for a successful full term pregnancy. Of course there is also the section on the timing of sex for successful conception, and tips on keeping sex sexy! Your steps include solutions to improve both male and female reproductive systems for a successful full term pregnancy.

The Baby Builders Difference
Knowing it only takes 116 days to produce new healthy sperm in the male reproductive cycle, you can turn your whole situation around with 7 easy steps.
Get moving, shed unwanted weight, improve sperm numbers, movement and health, detoxify harmful chemicals, think positive and jump out of your skin with energy while feeling the vitality running through your veins again! Feel fabulous with The Baby Builders combination of easy to follow steps to dramatically improved sperm health

Help Has Arrived! Get all Of Your Questions Answered with One on One Conception Coaching
Do you have any questions you would like to ask a qualified fertility expert in regards to your own unique fertility challenges? We have heard it many times before, “How can I have personal contact with a fertility specialist I can trust and get straight forward advice about our individual situation?”
Due to high demand of requests The Baby Builders now offer individual appointments with your very own Conception Coach.
The Baby Builders offer a variety of options for confidential, one on one consultation for men and women with a member of our naturopathic team doing just that. Get a jump start on your solutions and go to thebabybuiders.com to see your consultation options; The Baby Builders Fast Track Consultation and The Baby Builders Conception Coaching. After all we are individuals who have unique challenges that can bring up the hard questions that need to be addressed.

Think about how good is it going to feel knowing that you have done everything in your power with to give your child his or her best possible start to life

My beautiful wife had 2 miscarriages before I got the nerve to get myself tested

It was the 2 hardest years of our marriage, we had to say goodbye to two babies and I had to face the fact that it was my fault. It turned out that because of my lifetime fondness of junk food and beer I had so many low nutrients that my sperm was really sick. My zinc was so low that my sperm were damaged and swimming in circles and other ones that are a bit of a blur now.

I followed The Baby Builders steps and took all the stuff they said I needed every day, started taking good care of myself, lost a heap of weight and got loads of energy. Basically I felt like a new man and saw how horrible I had been to my body for so many years.

In the end I did get the thumbs up to try again, and we hit it on the second month and now have Jordan our son. Thanks to a great bunch of health professionals who really do care.

Dave Hodgekinson, Kitchener Ontario, Canada

A big warm thank you to Vanessa and Mary!

I have to say thank you to the girls at The Baby Builders for their amazing support and guidance that transformed me from a sedentary, unhealthy, overweight smoker into a fit and healthy Daddy of 2 beautiful girls!

After some heartbreaking issues with miscarriage, both my wife and I decided to seek the advice of health professionals and get our bodies fit and healthy before trying to conceive again.

We could not believe how easy it was to have both of our daughters after working with Vanessa and Mary and implementing the strategies they designed for us. You guys rock!

Andrew Robertson, Melbourne, Australia

More of What You’ll Find Inside to Turn Your Swimmers Around…


Added growth hormones and pesticides found in meat and dairy can accumulate in the body creating an imbalance in men’s hormones linking to low sperm counts. We won’t make you give these up, just show you what the better options are. Also, our male fertility cleanse helps the body to eliminate these excess hormones.

Confused about what you should and should not do to create potent sperm? Learn the 5 things you should never do while trying to conceive your baby that most men are doing on a daily basis!

We change the oil in our car, now it is time to do that for our body. Think of detoxification like shaking a dirty rug, removing hair from the drain, or emptying the lint filter. Without a broom, dustpan and waste basket, the dirt will just be moved from place to place. Get your liver in tip top condition and body clean on the inside to eliminate toxic waste safely and effectively.

Poor diet or digestive system? Discover what nutrients you are likely to be deficient in, that are sabotaging your chances of ever having healthy sperm.

Check out the 8 most common causes of sperm irregularity, and an how to overcome these obstacles, with easy, natural solutions.

The busy man’s guide to achieving excellent quality sperm to contribute to your conception success. If you feel like you have too much on your plate and are looking for an easy program to improve your fertility, we have the plan for you. No stress, no worry, no hassles, just results.

Money matters. Potentially save thousands of dollars on costly, invasive assisted reproduction bills and conceive with us, naturally. By working with The Baby Builders and implementing several important changes, you can increase your chances of success and make your money work for you to the best of your advantage.

85% of the sperm produced by a healthy male is DNA-damaged. There are powerhouse nutrients that protect delicate DNA from free radical damage. Find out what specific antioxidants will support you in achieving great sperm health.

Keeping the boys cool. What surprising things to avoid in your day to day life that causes the scrotum to heat up causing a negative effect on sperm production.

Studies show that testes can be malnourished due to the lack of blood supply. Easy and effective ways to increase circulation to your to your testes for improved sperm health.

The Baby Builders Male Fertility Pack has everything you need in one place. Crucial nutrients are needed for optimal sperm health.
We have strategically researched proven nutrients and herbal medicine to promote male potency and libido, strengthen erections and sexual desire acting as a natural aphrodisiac whilst increasing sperm production in The Baby Builders PCOS Fertility Pack.

Reproductive anatomy trauma or abnormalities, obstruction and sexual dysfunction can all prevent conception from taking place. We address these issues individually in our eBook, and highly recommend you get your parts checked out by your GP or ND to find out if this is an issue for you.

The Baby Builders program not only enhances sperm health, production and quality, but it will also remind you, every time you look at your healthy child, that you have actively done everything possible to contribute to your child’s health and wellbeing by providing the best sperm possible


Our Dad’s Success Stories

The Baby Builders Difference

Why YOU will succeed with us

Vanessa and Mary, The Baby Builders founders, have both personally overcome their own fertility challenges. Vanessa has firsthand personal experience with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and against all odds, overcame her infertility with a regime of natural techniques that has now become our steps to success. Mary, as an older mother, knew the specifics needed to prepare her aging reproductive system to go on to have 2 children of her own.

We know that one person or one area of science does not have all of the answers. This is why we have hand-picked a team of fertility experts to complement our naturopathic knowledge and create a complete fertility resource that covers all conception challenges.

Meet The Baby Builders Team!

  • Naturopaths: Mary Martin ND, Vanessa Lamaro ND, Kimberly Kushner ND, Adam Sandford NMD, Ryan Shelton NMD, Julie Figgins NMD, Jessica Sangiuliano NMD, Amy Morris ND
  • Doctor: Dr Karen Coates
  • Physiotherapist: Louise Kelly
  • Osteopath: Dr Roger Kingston
  • Chiropractor: Dr Drew Glendenning
  • Acupuncturist: Vicki Ball
  • Personal trainer: Alison Robinson
  • Mindset coach: Mandy Napier
  • Yoga instructor: Stacey Elmes
  • Psychologist: Cameron Aggs
  • Relationship Coach: Leanna Williams
  • Whole Foods Chef: Rocco Cartia
  • Whole Foods Home Cook: Jodi Theisen

We are all registered health professionals who have collectively had hundreds of hours of contact time with patients treating infertility. What we have noticed is that there is a lot of fertility education online from those who are unqualified to offer advice. We know that for such an important achievement, working with qualified professionals will be of the greatest benefit.

We don’t lump all fertility challenges into one box. The reasons couples are not able to conceive are varied and complex. The topics of our eBooks listed above are as different as the people that we treat. Each topic requires its own research, development and system for success for the most effective outcome.

With The Baby Builders Team you will not find a more comprehensive collection of fertility specific knowledge, from such a broad range of professionals, anywhere else.
We strive to deliver 10x the value in everything we do.

The Baby Builders Triple Guarantee


Our eBooks, products and programs are of the highest international standard. The Baby Builders steps for success have been developed by our team of fertility professionals who have had hundreds of hours of contact time, over many years, treating and successfully overcoming male and female infertility.


Why do so many of our couples get the results they are looking for after 4 months? Science tells us this is how long it takes to produce healthy new egg and sperm. By taking action and following our steps, you will see and feel a dramatic shift in your health, preparing you and your partner for a healthy, full term pregnancy.


Have a question? We have an answer. Need one-on one advice? We have our Naturopathic team of Conception Coaches ready to help. Want your hand held all the way to pregnancy success? Become a Member. Our world-class Support Team is here to help you in every way that we possibly can.

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"The Ultimate Guide to Stress Reduction and Relaxation" is just what you need to finally take control and rid yourself of stress and welcome relaxation once and for all!

Managing stress and knowing how to relax are both absolutely necessary to having freedom from Infertility and a healthy and happy life. Stress is a normal part of the hectic lifestyle we all live today.

Learning how to handle that stress and finding methods to relax is no laughing matter.

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Guide to Yoga & Meditation

Stressed out? Do You Feel Like The World Is Crashing Down Around You?

Want To Take A Vacation That Will Relax Your Mind, Body And Spirit? Well this Easy To Read Step By Step E-Book Makes It All Possible!

Look No Further! Stop Spending Your Money on Imitation Self Help Products!

This E-Book Gives You And In Depth Explanation on How To Release All of The Inner Stresses As Well As Improving Your Fitness.

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The Baby Builders To Get Pregnant RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HEALTHY EATING food guide

Feel like it is too hard to work out what to eat? We have taken the hard work out of it for you by giving you The Baby Builders ‘Recommendations for Healthy Eating’ diet plans, including gluten free and dairy free options.

This guide includes ideas for an overall balanced dietary plan. The food combinations include suggestions for increased protein, essential fatty acids, and whole grains for balancing blood sugar levels, increasing energy levels throughout the day and improving mood and emotional wellbeing in turn.

Value: $45.00 USD yours FREE

The Baby Builders Ovulation Calculator for your Partner

Use this detailed charting tool to record your menstrual cycles with accuracy so you know precisely when you are going to be most fertile!

This chart is also a valuable reminder of the signs and symptoms that you need to be most aware of to maximise your chances of conceiving.

Value: $29.95 USD yours FREE

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So there you have it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you are like us, you will want to know that you have everything you need for success. With the information included in this book you can be assured you are equipped with the steps to success.

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WHO will BENEFIT the MOST from getting healthy, before getting pregnant?

The actions you take today will benefit 4 generations of your descendants. They will all be thankful for your efforts, make this your time to make a difference!

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